Work Package 5: Fluid-Structure Interaction

Work Package Leader
Partners involved in the Work Package as Task leaders and additional partners

Task 5.1 (NUMECA) - RANS simulation applications for hydro-elastic floating substructure predictions
Task 5.2 (DTU) - Twist-coupled aero-elastic design for passive loads reduction on a full scale blade
Task 5.3 (IMP PAN) - Active flow control for improving aerodynamic performance and noise reduction

The structural description of the OWT will be combined with flow models in a global Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) description of the complete system. Load identification on structural components of OWT incorporating random wind (WP1) and water (WP3) wave loads is a main objective. In cooperation with WP1 aeroelastic tailoring of wind turbine blades aiming at optimizing the deformations of the blade for increased power production and/or reduction of structural loads will be applied for implementing a passive strategy for power control and speed limitation. The aim is to analyze and optimize load reduction by tailoring the structural couplings in the blade design. The proposed research will develop an innovative approach for Active Flow Control Systems (AFCS) applied in the aerospace industry. Numerical simulation and experimental validation approach encompassed by optimization loop with maximizing the power yield will be applied.

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