Work Package 4: Reliability and Predictive Maintenance

Work Package Leader
Partners involved in the Work Package as Task leaders and additional partners

Task 4.1 (TWI) - Offshore Wind Turbine condition monitoring based on acoustic emission and long range ultrasonic.
Task 4.2 (IMP PAN) - Detection of damage in metallic and composite structures for offshore applications
Task 4.3 (ECN) - Reducing fatigue loads due to wake effects for offshore wind farm
Task 4.4 (WMU) - Risk Assessment of the collision of passing ships with the offshore wind farm
Task 4.5 (Relex) - Offshore Wind Turbine reliability modelling and analysis

Reliability Model for an OWT will be developed and used to evaluate the main reliability and availability characteristics of the OWT considering the introduction of new materials as optical fibres for health monitoring and the new offshore stresses scenario. For the first time in the European Wind Energy Sector, we will propose to use an RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) approach to detect actual failures, isolate these failures and assign them to a specific component, determine the residual life of components, define and schedule maintenance actions in an optimum sequence and, finally, support maintenance technicians and managers to make the most adequate decisions concerning maintenance policies.

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