Work Package 3: Offshore Support Structure

Work Package Leader
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Task 3.1 (NTNU) - Dynamic modelling and analysis of a floating wind turbine concept, and comparison with laboratory test data or field measurements
Task 3.2 (CTO) - Bottom fixed substructure analysis, model testing and design for harsh environment

Support structures for OWT have to cope with combined wind and wave loading and complex dynamic behaviour from the turbine. It is vital to capture the integrated effect of all these loads because the aerodynamic damping provided by the rotor significantly damps the motions due to wave loading. WP3 research focuses on the development of tools for integrated design of wind and wave energy facilities and application of these tools in study of OWT concepts; with due account of the wind and sea environment loads, the structure and foundation or mooring system and wind turbine. Emphasis in floating systems will be on spar and semi-submersible structures. Bottom fixed support structures will be monopile and jacket.

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