Ship Research and Design Center S.A.

Partner short name: CTO S.A.

Brief description

Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A. forms the research, development and design background for the Polish maritime industry and through its many years’ activities contributes to maintaining high-level innovativeness of ships being built in Poland. The directions of development work and research conducted in CTO S.A. are determined by the needs of the maritime industry, which guarantees sovereignty of technical thought of this very important branch of the national economy. The acquired findings of research work are used not only in shipbuilding, but also in other types of maritime industries and public utilities. They also enable export of knowledge and advanced technologies. CTO is an active member in international organisations: COREDES, WATERBORNE, MIF, ITTC, ISSC, IEC, IMO, ISO.

Key Facilities and Infrastructure

The main tool for the project will be the Large towing tank sized 260 m × 12 m × 6 m, fitted out with a towing carriage of a maximum speed of 12 m/s and a wave generator to generate irregular waves corresponding to the sea state up to approx. 8° to a scale 1:25 and regular waves of a maximum height of 0,7 m and length of up to 7m Equipped with optical system for measuring the motion of objects in six degrees of freedom in real time In 2008, the deep water tank equipment was supplemented by the measurement stand for testing the off-shore objects moored and fixed ones. The towing tank enables performing every kind of model tests provided by ITTC (International Towing Tank Conference) Additionally, the following CTO laboratories can be involved in the project: Ship Materials, Corrosion and Environment Protection Laboratory, Vibration Laboratory equipped with electro-hydraulic excitation system. CTO has organised training courses on marine structures: strength and fatigue, vibration and noise measurement and analysis, propulsion parameter measurement.



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