Partner short name: Numeca

Brief description

NUMECA International is a worldwide provider of CFD software and consulting services. NUMECA software is used for the simulation, design, and optimization of fluid flow and heat transfer. It is used by product developers, design, and research engineers, allowing them to reach superior product quality and performances at a reduced engineering cost.

Key Facilities and Infrastructure

NUMECA is today an innovative provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and consulting services oriented for a large part towards the area of aeronautics and propulsion. NUMECA is indeed heavily focusing its CFD software products FINETM/Turbo, the automatic grid generator AutogridTM and FINETM/Design3D, towards the aerospace, propulsion and energy markets.

NUMECA Solutions for the Marine Industry. In line with the strategy of NUMECA International, a package dedicated to marine applications is released: FINE™/Marine. The suite contains everything that is required to perform a simulation from CAD model to final result: a fully hexahedral meshing system, a second order VOF solver with unique marine-specific features, an embedded interactive and macro-based visualization system.

Role in MareWint

As leader of WP5, Numeca will be involved in the development of hydro/aerolastic computational methods for the optimization of off-shore wind turbines.

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