University of Ferrara, Engineering Department

Partner short name: UNIFE

Brief description

The Engineering Department in Ferrara (EnDIF) of the University of Ferrara was founded in 1991. The present academic staff consists of 51 including both researchers and professors and 10 technicians. The Mechanics of Machines group at the EnDIF counts 2 Professors, 1 Assistant Professor, 2 PostDoctoral young researchers and 4 PhD Students.

The group has a well-established research activity in the field of numerical modelling or rotating components, model validation, advanced vibro-acoustic measurements and digital signal processing for monitoring and diagnostics. The group is particularly active in applied research in close collaboration with companies, and thanks to PRRIITT Programme and to further regional resources firstly the network laboratory LAV (Laboratory of Acoustic and Vibration) was set up in 2005; the LAV (http://web.unife.it/laboratorio/lav) involves 4 Universities and a CNR having as coordinator the University of Ferrara. Then the Laboratory of Advanced Mechanics (MECH-LAV) of Ferrara Technopole was established in 2010.

The group is equipped with up-to-date measurement and analysis instrumentation including several multi-channel data acquisition systems, shaker facilities for on-board modal analysis: in addition it has a large network of workstations and PC’s with licenses for all major CAE software for acoustic and dynamic analysis. Throughout the years the group has been actively involved in many national and international research and training programmes and thematic networks: these include European projects FP 6, FP7. The group has developed training activities for fellows in past “Marie Curie” programs (EDSVS).

Role in MareWint

Task 4.5- Offshore Wind Turbine reliability modelling and analysis.

Contact Information

Emiliano MUCCHI
EnDIF - Engineering Department in Ferrara
Università degli Studi di Ferrara
Via Saragat, 1
I-44122 Ferrara, Italy
Tel: +39 0532 974913
Mobile: +39 3397661381
Fax: +39 0532 974870
Email: contact

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