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SSP Technology A/S is an international company with its main office in Denmark. The company develops, manufactures and markets moulds, tools and components in composite materials for the wind turbine industry. SSP Technology A/S offers a unique knowledge of blade technology and mould construction, which means that you, as a customer and partner, will draw on our know-how at all stages right through to turn-key production. The point of departure for SSP Technology’s solutions for the wind turbine industry is solid knowledge of blade technology, composites and mould design. Continuous research and development within these areas are the cornerstones of our work, which will ensure that our customers have the opportunity of remaining at the forefront of state-of-the-art technologies and optimizing their gains from wind technology. This will benefit both plant and operating economy in wind turbine projects, and not least the environment. SSP Technology offers a strong programme of complete solutions, moulds and “best-of-breed” components for the wind turbine industry. As a customer, you can also draw on our knowledge of blade technology and mould design at all stages right through to turn-key production.

Key Facilities and Infrastructure

Since 2009 DTU has been involved in an EUDP project (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme) called “DMT- Demonstration of new blade design using manufacturing process simulation”. Together with the industrial partner SSP Technology A/S (www.ssptech.com) the objective has been to improve the internal structure of wind turbine blades. As part of this project a new load bearing beam suitable for use in wind turbine blades of 40-45m in length has been manufactured. This prototype structure includes 3 patented design improvements and reduces the thickness of bulk laminate required by 40% (a significant reduction in the material requirement and weight for the final structure).

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