Stocznia Gdańsk S.A. (Gdansk Shipyard Group)

Partner short name: GSG

Brief description

Stocznia Gdańsk (Gdańsk Shipyard) is a private held company, specialized in design, commercial production of: ships, steel construction and wind towers. SG was established in 1945 in Gdańsk, Poland.

Facility of SG has included: largest workshop in Central Europe (6,5 ha under the roof), one slipway Loa = 270 m, B=36 m, several buildings with design and technology office (97 persons), laboratories (10 persons), quality control and supervision department (57 persons), etc. Total level of employment in SG is on the level 1600 persons.

SG is able to supply and support with wide range of portfolio concerning design, production technology, welding and production solutions within wide market areas: off-shore (seismic and heavy lift vessels, platform supply vessels), merchant ships (EPG carriers, containers vessels, trawlers), floating objects (platforms and barges), steel industry (airport construction) , wind towers (wind tower including foundations and internals).

SG providing products according to own design and as well due to Clients design and needs.
SG is trying to find the best way to customers' satisfaction by developing new products and technologies and by delivery of high quality products. SG possesses a highly skilled engineering team for the design and production.

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