Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Componentes

Partner short name: CTC

Brief description

The Technological Centre of Components (CTC) is a non-profit private foundation that aims to contribute to economic and social development. The Centre is divided into four business units: aerospace, nuclear energy, renewable energies and automotive. The available technologies are targeted mainly to those areas; however they could also be applied to other similar sectors. In addition an advanced materials research group is also available. Among the different renewable energy sources, the CTC is mainly directed to those of marine origin focussing its activity into two different sources: waves (wave energy) and wind (offshore wind). The main areas of expertise are: mechanical and structural design, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic calculations and analysis of installations life cycle. Some topics of interest are related to the foundation and anchoring of floating platforms systems as well as offshore access systems between them.

The CTC facilities include a laboratory with equipment and space necessary for project implementation and research. The facilities devoted to materials testing include the following equipment as the most representative:

  • Corrosion: UV (type A or B) + condensation + spray chamber (ISO 11507), alternate immersion in marine water chamber (ISO 2812-2 and ISO 11130).
  • Advanced Materials: AFM, Spray Dryer and Three Rolls Mill.
  • General purpose: mechanical universal test machine, metallographic laboratory.

Role in MareWint

The CTC is an Associated Partner in the MARE WINT Project and will host ESR5 from NTNU and ESR6 from CTO as part of the development of WP3 (Offshore Support Structure).

Contact Information

Scientific  and Technological Park of Cantabria
Isabel Torres Nº 1. 39011 Santander. SPAIN
Tel: +34 942 76 69 76
Fax: +34 942 10 08 37
Email: contact

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