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Could fibre optic sensing be a perfect match for wind energy's monitoring requirements?

26 February, 2013

Wind Energy Update speaks to David Johnson, Sales and Marketing Manager (Europe) for FBGS, a developer of fibre optic sensors and sensing systems, to learn why wind energy monitoring solution companies are conducting trials in harsh conditions with their bespoke FO sensors.

Rethinking Wind Power

26 February, 2013

"People have often thought there's no upper bound for wind power - that it's one of the most scalable power sources," says Harvard applied physicist David Keith. After all, gusts and breezes don't seem likely to "run out" on a global scale in the way oil wells might run dry.

Drive train reliability: overcoming traditional problems, unearthing new breakthroughs

23 February, 2013

Overcoming problems associated with Drive train reliability is one of the key issues now within the wind energy sector. All drive train concepts are based on two major factors: cost and risk. Wind Energy Update explores the latest developments in this area.

Next Generation Offshore Support Vessels

21 February, 2013

10 April 2013 - STRATEGIC OUTLOOK FOR OFFSHORE SUPPORT VESSELS IN EUROPE. ACI’s Next Generation Offshore Support Vessels Summit will heavily focus on the ways of achieving operational excellence while using the newly designed and old tonnage Offshore Support Vessels in Europe and new OSV markets.

Wind Farm Development: European Offshore 2013

21 February, 2013

10 April 2013 - Join us at Wind Farm Development: European Offshore 2013 and hear presentations and take part in interactive discussions lead by senior representatives from the leading companies operating in the offshore wind sector. Meet with the key industry players and decision makers to...

Endurance Test of an Offshore Wind Turbine in the Laboratory

19 February, 2013

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES in Kassel are testing the complex control system of wind turbines under real conditions in the laboratory before they are built into offshore wind energy plants. This way, software and hardware faults can be...

Spotting the Invisible Cracks in Wind Turbines

15 February, 2013

Feb. 12, 2013 - A new approach is available for real-time monitoring of the structural health of wind turbine components during exposure to turbulence.

Danish Research Consortium for Wind Energy

8 February, 2013

May 27-28th 2013, Wind Energy Conference, Trinity, Fredericia, Denmark. Join the Danish Wind Power Research conference in May 2013. The conference is the natural meeting point between researchers and industry and will focus on wind technology development and offshore deployment.More

Wind Farm Development: European Onshore 2013

7 February, 2013

12-13 June, Istanbul, Turkey. Enhancing the development and deployment of onshore wind farms in Europe. Join us in Turkey to hear a multitude of perspectives on the European outlook for Onshore Wind Developments. Hear from project developers from across the continent with real case study analysis...

Offshore Wind Power USA 2013

7 February, 2013

Things are really ramping up for Offshore Wind Power USA 2013, and with over 200 of your peers already having confirmed their attendance, isn’t it time to ensure you’re there to join them?More

One of the strategic objectives of the industrial initiative of the SET Plan on wind energy is to reduce cost of energy by...

Norwegian, Australian Scientists...

posted on 27 February, 2015

The King and Queen of Norway embarked on their first official visit to Australia on Monday, 23rd February, in Canberra. On Friday, 27th February, the last day of the visit, Their Majesties will be...

Marie Curie Graduate School

posted on 23 May, 2014

The Marie Curie Graduate School on Innovative Technologies for Reliable and Efficient Energy Conversion Systems brings together expert lecturers from three running Marie Curie Actions (ITN EMVeM, ITN...More