MareWint Opening Lectures

Posted: 24 June, 2013 / Age: 10 yrs

Opening lectures will take place at the Marine Technology Centre in Tronheim on September 2-6

We tentatively intend to start at lunch on Monday September 2. and end on Friday September 6. at about 13:00 so that you will be able to return home  on Friday.

Preliminary program:

Monday Sept. 2: afternoon: Overview of the Mare-Wint program and a general overview of Wind Energy and Wind Turbines 

Tuesday Sept 3. Friday Sept. 6:

                         Introductory technical presentations on state of the art and future challenges on topics such as

                         Design og wind turbines
                         - wind resources and wind physics
                         - basic concepts of wind energy conversion
                         - basic safety aspects
                         - rotor concepts  (horizontal axis, vertical axis); blade design
                         - drivetrains (mechanical - gear based, hydraulic transmission, direct drive...)
                         - generator, and other electrical components                       
                         - support structures (land based, offshore bottom fixed and floating)
                         - numerical modelling

                           Structural mechanics (dynamics)
                         - automatic control
                         - relevant software for global behaviour simulation, component assessment
                         - design of wind turbines - standards and guidance

                         Installation, inspection, maintenance and repair
                         - installation on land vs offshore
                         - inspection, monitoring and repair

                         Reliability and risk assessment
                         - modes of failure
                         - reliability and risk analysis

                         Cost estimation
A more detailed program will follow later.

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