1st Technical MareWint workshop (23-27 September 2013) & PPCA meeting

Posted: 5 June, 2013 / Age: 10 yrs

We would like to invite all MareWint Fellows for the 1st technical MareWint workshop on the basic principles of aerodynamics. The workshop will be held at CENER in Pamplona, Spain on 23-27 September 2013.

The workshop is divided in three parts:

  1. The 2-day technical workshop on aerodynamics (23-24 September)
  2. Followed by participation in the 2-day MexNext2 project meeting (25-26 September)
  3. Participation in the wind turbine aerodynamics expert meeting on 27 September (at this meeting aerodynamic experts are given the opportunity to present their most recent findings in an informal setting)

All three meetings are obligatory for the MareWint Fellows.



Please confirm your attendance before June 20th by sending an e-mail to: riezebos@ecn.nl.


Tentative agenda

The meeting will start at 09:00 am on 23rd and will end at 17:00 on 27th September

1st Part: technical workshop (23-24 September)
At least the following subjects will be covered in the training:

  • Principles of energy extraction
  • Fundamental Equations, momentum theory for an actuator disk
  • Betz-Lanchester optimum
  • Introduction to airfoil aerodynamics
  • Blade element theory
  • Blade Element Momentum (BEM) theory
  • Losses
  • Design considerations
  • CFD

The topics and titles that will be covered by CENER are:

  • Introduction. What is CFD?
  • CFD Applications.
  • Theory. General equations. Turbulence modelling.
  • Problem solution approach.
  • Grid generation.
  • CFD Wind Energy codes.
  • WMB description. Examples.
  • 2D. Transition, distributed roughness. Examples.
  • 3D. Examples.
  • Complex terrain calculations

And giving the lectures we will be Beatriz Mendez and Sugoi Gomez-Iradi.

Introduction to Mexnext (as preparation for the meeting)

Note that CFD will be taught by CENER, the other subjects are taught by ECN

2nd & 3rd part: Mexnext meeting and wind turbine aerodynamics expert meeting (25-27 September)

Within Mexnext various aerodynamic measurements on wind turbines (both in the wind tunnel as well as in the field) are analyzed and reproduced with a large  variety of aerodynamic models. Moreover new measurements will be carried out on the so-called Mexico rotor (i.e. a model rotor with a diameter of 4.5 meter) which is placed in the Large Low Speed facility of the German Dutch Wind Tunnel, DNW, see www.mexnext.org.

During the Mexnext meeting the first few hours will be spent on management aspects but thereafter several technical aspects are covered, eg. the test matrix of the wind tunnel measurements, but also detailed presentations on aerodynamic models and comparisons between calculations and measurements.


Meeting venue

Both the workshop and the PPCA meeting, as described below, will be held at CENER in Pamplona, Spain. The address details are:

Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables (CENER)
Ciudad de la Innovación, 7 31621
Sarriguren (Navarra)

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