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In public presentations please use the template files that attached below.

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In this section You can download several media files for MAREWINT promotion. In case of MAREWINT logo files, please see the Corporate identity book which provides basic information about how to use our logo in print and multimedia materials.

Roll up posters are designed as 1200 mm width, PDF files available.

One of the strategic objectives of the industrial initiative of the SET Plan on wind energy is to reduce cost of energy by...

MARE-WINT Book released: MARE-WINT...

posted on 12 September, 2016

This book provides a holistic, interdisciplinary overview of offshore wind energy, and is a must-read for advanced researchers. Topics, from the design and analysis of future turbines, to the...More

Offshore Wind Farms - From Planning...

posted on 12 August, 2015

5th MARE WINT / EuroTech Technical Workshop / Training Course. Monday 21st - Friday 25th September 2015 Held jointly at WMU—Malmö, Sweden & DTU Wind Energy—Roskilde, Denmark.More